Steve Rizun – Owner, Producer, Engineer

Steve Rizun is the owner and head engineer/Producer at Drive Studios. Coming from a background as an artist/songwriter, Front of House engineer for some of Canada’s best modern rock artists and a graduate of the Fanshawe College Music Industry Arts Program; Steve brings a great deal of experience and talent to Drive Studios and it’s productions. His studio work has been Juno nominated, charted on modern rock and pop stations across the continent and have garnered many praises by critics around the world.

Besides running Drive Studios, he also owns/runs Drive Entertainment and Drive Records where he is an artist manager and releases records by various artists.

Steve is an avid Toronto Blue Jays and Maple Leafs fan….he is holding on to hope.



Reiss Zurbyk – Engineer/Project Coordinator

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba Reiss Zurbyk has been through and experienced recording and mixing in various studios across the continent.

Playing in bands since a teen and familiarizing himself with the local punk scene he gained a knack for being an audio engineer and studied at Minnesota State University in their Audio Production program while simultaneously booking artists for events there including The Gaslight Anthem and MXPX.

After completing his studies there he spent some time at Coalition Music and Phase One Studios as an assistant audio engineer until he ended up at Drive Studios where he is currently located.

He is also a beer aficionado and is constantly on the hunt to try new and exciting local craft beers and coordinates his video based blog, OnTapTO.