Drive Studios is a Mastered For Itunes Facility


We are happy to announce that Drive Studios is now an authorized “Mastered For iTunes” mastering facility. With Mastering for iTunes we can make format specific masters that sound superior in Itunes than that of conventional digital masters. Working with Apple’s stringent guidelines along with our own quality control checking allows us to ensure your digital audio sounds it’s absolute best for distribution on iTunes, Itunes plus, and Mastered for Itunes.

We still use the same hybrid (analog and digital combined) method of mastering, using equipment such as state-of-the-art, limiters, compressors and EQs, that add life, energy and colour to your mix the same way we have for many years. Our engineers have nearly 20 years of combined experience and are always committed to delivering the highest quality masters in any format.

If you would like to find out more about the Mastered for iTunes process or to find out how you can have your music Mastered for iTunes, please call or email us. 416-619-4819